The building located in central Christchurch was designed specifically for an owner-operator with unique requirements for their office functionality. The owner-operator’s vision and specifications greatly influenced the design process, resulting in a building that caters precisely to their needs.

The building’s façade blends together a variety of materials and textures, with timber cladding used to add warmth and naturalness to the exterior. Metal-clad “eyebrows” on the upper level of the building create a distinctive visual effect while framing the windows and providing shading from the sun.

The design of the building’s interior spaces prioritizes functionality and productivity while maintaining a modern, contemporary aesthetic. The office areas are designed to facilitate collaboration and communication, with large windows allowing ample natural light to flood the workspace. The warehouse space is robust and functional, with ample storage space and easy access for logistical operations. Every aspect of the building’s design has been carefully considered to ensure that it meets the owner-operator’s specific requirements.