Darryl and Laura’s brief was to create a new home that seamlessly merged modernity and classic charm. They wanted to pay tribute to their former character home, which was lost to the Christchurch earthquakes, while also incorporating a contemporary living area and kitchen that would be warm and filled with natural light. The project was ambitious, aiming to recreate a quintessential New Zealand Bay Villa alongside a modern and contemporary structure.

The Villa structure, containing the bedrooms and bathroom areas, was separated from the contemporary rear living room and kitchen structure by a glazed bridge. This not only acted as a physical separation but also created sheltered outdoor areas on either side, effectively linking the two structures with outdoor rooms. The bridge and outdoor areas allowed the structures to sit in harmonious juxtaposition rather than competing with each other, fulfilling the clients’ desire to seamlessly merge classic and modern design elements.

To optimize energy efficiency, SIP panels were used throughout the entire home to insulate the interior space. The contemporary living area, located in the rear structure, provided ample space for relaxation and entertainment, with a mezzanine above offering an additional level of functionality, ideal for studying or basking in the sun’s warmth. The project successfully delivered on the clients’ brief, creating a home that paid homage to their former home while providing modern functionality and energy efficiency.