A new mixed-use commercial building in the IZONE Southern Business Hub. The brief was to design an industrial / commercial space that stood out and had a point of difference from the rest of the development in the business park. It was the first commercial development for the client and as such they were very involved throughout the process and great to work with.

This double level office space provides six tenancies. The use of material and form splits up the bulk of the building and highlights the separate tenancies and uses within. The warehouse / storage spaces have been tucked in behind the front office space to retain a nice street presence. The greenfield site was a rectangular shape and fronts onto a small circular street centred around a grassed reserve. The offices are orientated towards the reserve to make the most of the open green space in a built-up commercial environment. The precast concrete “figure eight” forms make a strong statement and provide the perfect boardroom space within the tenancies.

The material pallet was concrete, timber, aluminium composite panel and profiled metal. Timber while not commonly used on commercial premises softens the development, however it has been used sparingly to reduce maintenance. The concrete is both practical given the commercial / industrial usage and also contrasts well with the timber.