East Maddisons

A new two-level home designed for and active family of five. The brief was to use an industrial, eclectic material range and create a large central space that can also be used as smaller more intimate areas.

The dwelling has a central entrance which leads straight into the heart of the home. This central, voluminous, cathedral ceiling room houses all public areas and all gravitate to the main feature of the house, the concrete curved stair. This stair serves as both access between floors as well as a sculptural piece which is viewable from every aspect across the two levels.

The greenfield site was a rectangular shape and sits in a fairly built up environment. The windows are few but large and well-chosen locations to make the most of the connection to the exterior. There are large skylights located above the main axis of the house leading between the entrance to the rear of the section. These custom-made skylights provide beautiful views to the sky as well as a great quality of light and temperature control to the main atrium.

The lower level of the atrium space is split into four main segments which house the dining, kitchen, living and lounge. Each of these spaces can be used separately or collectively and the family has said this has had a really positive effect on the way they interact. The upper level of the atrium houses another open living area as well as the study which views over all public spaces. A skybridge connects the parents’ bedroom and the children bedroom to the central stair.

We used a material pallet of stained timber, polished concrete, black painted steel and red bricks. This eclectic mix provides a beautifully warm and inviting interior. The concrete is both practical given the commercial / industrial usage and also contrasts well with the timber. Internally the spaces are light and bright with colour brought through in the soft furnishing.