Harris House

Originally owned by Christchurch Engineers AR Harrison’s, Harris House takes its name from its first occupants. The brief was to create multiple office spaces of varying sizes, while ensuring the preservation of the building’s distinctive architectural features for the client.

During the renovation process, great care was taken to maintain the building’s period features while also incorporating contemporary design elements. One of the key architectural features of Harris House is its art deco styling, which is reflected in the building’s façade and interior design. The use of geometric shapes, bold colors, and detailing creates a sense of uniqueness.

In addition to its art deco features, Harris House also boasts native timber floors and trusses that add to the building’s charm and character. These elements have been carefully preserved during the renovation process, showcasing the building’s rich history and heritage. The offices themselves are contemporary in design, offering a modern and functional workspace that is complemented by the building’s unique architectural features.