A new mixed-use commercial building in the Cromwell industrial sector. The brief was to design an industrial / commercial space that stood out and had a point of difference from the rest of the development in the area. The greenfield site was a rectangular shape and fronts onto a small circular street central in the industrial development. The “L” shaped building provides both shelter to the development from the prevailing elements as well as good orientation towards views and the sun. Locating the thinnest form towards the front of the site lessens the impact of the development on the street scene.

The use of material and form splits up the bulk of the building and highlights the separate tenancies. The building is to cater for a mix of different tenants and as such highlighting each tenancy and entrance-way was seen as important for both safety and ease of use. This has been achieved with the material choice, which wraps around and defines each of these points. On the upper floor large windows have been used to gain beautiful views out to the mountains around. The timber balcony structures make a strong statement with simple vertical and horizontal lines.

The material pallet was concrete, timber and profiled metal. Timber while not commonly used on commercial premises softens the development, however it has been used sparingly to reduce maintenance. The concrete is both practical given the commercial / industrial usage and also contrasts well with the timber. The material use is complimented by the beautiful natural setting it resides in and gives the development an honest and robust feel.