Sitting along the beachfront of the Pacific Ocean with the only separation being the wind-blown tussocks on the sand dunes. This home in style and materiality really compliment the environment it sits in from its bleached timber to its large windows and outdoor areas to bask in the sun.

The client is young and an avid surfer so the location is perfect, grabbing one of the multitude of surfboards that reside in the garage he can be in the water after a stroll over the dunes. The front of the house faces to the south, so this holds the garage and inviting entrance on the ground level with the main bedroom and large open shower on the top floor. The facade is pushed as close to the road with a large cantilevered upper floor floating over the top to make the make of the views and push the inhabitants as close to the beach as possible. The rear of the house faces to the north and houses the large living areas on the first level with extended decks for entertaining guest in the evening.

Behind the garage is a beautiful hot outdoor shower which allows the occupants to wash off prior to entering the house after a day spent in the water. The material pallet internally reflects the same qualities as the exterior with the bleached timber, clean white walls and strong steel elements which provide a beach-like feel even when one cannot view the beach out the generously sized windows.