Accurate Instruments

Accurate Instruments, a growing company in need of a new facility, commissioned a new building to house their expanding team, showcase their products and provide classrooms for industry training and education programs. The new development also included two additional buildings, ensuring the company could continue to expand in the future.

The building was designed with a focus on functionality and practicality, with an emphasis on creating a well-lit and spacious work environment that would enhance productivity and employee well-being. The interior layout was optimized for efficiency and ease of operations, with ample space for equipment, storage, and collaboration. The exterior design features a contemporary, minimalist aesthetic with clean lines and a simple color palette.

To promote sustainability, the building incorporated energy-efficient lighting, heating, and cooling systems to reduce energy consumption and operating costs. Durable and low-maintenance materials were also used to ensure the longevity of the building and reduce the need for repairs and maintenance. The end result is a modern and functional building that will serve Accurate Instruments for years to come.